Why hire a logistics company?
By: Dasza

SEP 14, 2020

The current global market situation has forced companies to seek efficiency for their operations to reduce their logistics costs; an alternative is to hire the services of a 3PL. By outsourcing your logistics process and creating alliances with logistics companies, you can optimize your services and reduce costs.

Firstable, you must carry out an analysis of the needs of your company and your supply chain, the decision must be based on strategic reasons so they can guide you to accomplish your company’s goals.


How can it benefit your company?

Warehouse management and inventory administration. Partnering with a logistics provider will make your investment worthwhile and will help you to keep your inventory in order: reduce the risk of losses, keep a detailed control of each and every product that enters and leaves your warehouse, keep well stocked your warehouse and maintain the appropriate volume of products (without overstock or out of stock).

Savings in space and management time. Do not spend on facilities to store your products or infrastructure to manage it. A specialized team knows perfectly how to handle your merchandise, and also has a software for faster and more efficient handling. In addition, a 3PL shares the costs of storage, transportation and operation, among several clients, which allows each client to only pay for the space they use, being more economical and efficient.

Better time management. Generally, companies specialized in other areas outside of logistics, do not have the experience or the sufficient resources to guarantee an effective and efficient distribution of their own products. With a logistics provider you can save time in management and dedicate yourself to boosting your business with marketing campaigns, for example. Furthermore, your logistics provider can help you improve the management of your processes.

Personnel management. By hiring a team of experts, you will avoid hiring and supervising employees, saving time on the learning curve involved, and you can focus on reaching your goals.

Networks of strategic allies. When you hire a 3PL company, you not only contract their services but also contact other companies and firms with solutions that may be useful for you. An ally in logistics will facilitate you to have better relationships with specific service providers or with government authorities such as regulatory agencies or customs; as your provider is in constant contact with them. By opening this wide portfolio of new suppliers, your business will have more opportunities to grow and have better deals.

In conclusion, hiring a 3PL service brings numerous benefits for your company, you save on warehouse and personnel costs, optimize your inventory management and leave your company in expert hands.

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