Differences between picking and packing.
By: Dasza

SEP 24, 2020

Surely you have heard these terms, but do you know what each one means? Understanding logistics language will also help you to better understand our processes and how we work with your merchandise.


Picking is the order preparation process; is the process in which the material is collected and it consists of: 
  • Preparation: The order data is collected and the transportation method is selected.
  • Route: Transfers between the location of the product to the area of operations.
  • Extraction: The product is located for transport.
  • Verification and preparation of the order for dispatch: Ensures that the order is correct, then it is moved to the dispatch and classification area to be transported to the destination.

On the picking process the ordered items are collected to deliver them to the packing area and shipping department.

For example, a milk distribution company must leave the truck with the orders ready to start delivering them. You must begin the picking process by locating the required packages. Later, there must be gathered the quantity that the order requires.


Packing is the process of conditioning and packaging orders for dispatch. Its tasks are:
  • Packing and packaging: Select the appropriate material to wrap an order to preserve its content in good condition.
  • Verification: Check again that the model, quantity and/or weight are correct to prevent errors and ensure that the package meets the transport requirements.
  • Labeling: The order is labeled with the necessary information (order number, shipping address), and scanned for dispatch and tracking.

Following the example of the milk company, it needs a different packing process than a company that distributes glass cups or sand for construction, each one will need a different preparation and packaging according to the product’s needs, however, all must go through the picking processes and packing.

Picking and packing are consecutive tasks, which can always optimize its times and processes. Although they are two different processes, between them they are complementary, since picking prepares the order before being packed; packing takes care of the product's packaging.

Picking and packing are vitally important tasks, since an error during these processes can cause incorrect deliveries, damage to merchandise or delays in delivery.