Types of automation in warehouses
By: Dasza

JUL 23, 2020

Continuing our series of articles on automated warehouses, today we will talk about the types of automation that exist. What is the best option for your warehouse? Without a doubt, these technologies could be of great help in taking that great step towards digital transformation.

Warehouse Management System

Reports and inventories on paper are a thing of the past. Warehouse management systems (WMS) use software to collect all important information in one place, allowing you to generate reports, access inventory, and plan future actions.

Machine-to-machine or M2M technologies.

It is a system that allows one machine to communicate remotely with another to exchange information. Using this technology can reduce costs and time, as well as increase productivity.

Being oriented to a global use, its implementation has several advantages for its use in warehouses, some of these advantages are: connectivity and safe operation, greater control of operating procedures, streamline decisions and optimization of warehouse profitability.

GTP Technologies (Goods to Person)

Rather than requiring workers to travel to the items that need to be picked up, the items will travel to the employee, making the job more efficient. Another benefit is reducing dependency on the operation on the workforce.

Automated storage and recovery systems (AS / RS).

It consists of a variety of controlled systems for automatically placing and removing loads at various defined locations in the warehouse. They are commonly used when: - A large volume of load need to move in and out of the warehouse. - Exists limitations in the warehouse space. - Precision costs increase due to large loads.

Pick-to-Light systems

These systems use light displays to direct warehouse operators to product locations, making it easy to know which products to choose and how many.

With these systems it is possible to more easily plan, control and analyze the volumes of the orders to be delivered, making work more agile and with fewer errors.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

They are devices capable of performing tasks and moving around the warehouse without anyone directing them. AMRs solve high-volume, labor-intensive problems, and are equipped with artificial intelligence software and warehouse drawings that enable them to interpret their environment. Also, AMRs are integrated with the WCS (Warehouse Control System) and the WMS.

These are some of the types of automation in warehouses. Still wondering if automating your warehouse is the best decision? Convince yourself of the benefits it has and start the digital transformation.